The "3 Piglets Restaurant" at the Hotel Gran Bretagna

3 specific baby menus every days... to cheer your children up!

In the baby restaurant “The 3 Piglets” every thing is customized for children. It`s distinguished itself for the very likeable staff and their skill, the great attention to quality and the wide variety of foods that we offer every day, with 3 differents menus (3 entrances and 3 main dishes) specifically planned by the cooperation of a nutritionist.

Inside its coloured dining room, you can find all the necessary to cheer the moment of lunch or dinner up: baby tables and chairs, high chairs, paper placemats, baby cutlery and coloured bibs, feeding bottles and baby bottle warmers, a big Lcd Tv with CD reader and many cartoons.

There is also a "Biberoneria", a special equipped area where mums can prepare themselves baby food for their child and where they can find a rich selection of baby food (free homogenized food, wheals to make their din-dins, cream of vegetable soup and vegetable and meat broths, baby cheeses, etc.).

And for every necessity a baby equipped bathroom is at your disposal just close to the restaurant!


Coelic disease and intollerance

Coeliac disease, allergies and food intolerance can be an insidious enemy for a happy holiday, especially if the hotel is not able to offer customized menus for those suffering from these diseases. To guarantee the maximum safety, the Hotel Gran Bretagna is equipped to tackle these problems. Our chef Silverio can propose a rich menu expecially designed for coeliac disease: his staff followed specific courses and guarantees the separation of food, avoiding direct and cruciform contaminations and offers a wide selection of tasty and safe menus


Quality and bio-agriculture

The mission of our hotel has always been that to provide the highest quality to meet the needs of our guests in advance and fulfill their demands. That is why our cuisine is noted for its healthy and balanced diet, using fresh local products, preferably biological, using specialities with DOP, IGP and IGT certification and promotion of traditional recipes. Our expert chefs grant every day a triumph of taste and flavors using clams from Cattolica, blue fish of Rimini and truffles of Novafeltria.